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master_doctor's Journal
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in master_doctor's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
1:44 am
As sad as this is, I must retire from the Network. My work is simply too important to spend time on here anymore.
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
9:53 am
Mm. It is strange, the sense of balance in the world. While things seem to be falling apart in the outside world, with violence and these Rocket attacks, in my life things could not be running better. I am well on the way to recovering my research, and I feel I am on the tracks of something monumental.

Haha, I am sorry I cannot say more, I truly wish I could. I have such a sense of power lately - all in my control I can shape to my will. May it always be that way. My nano-machines can do anything I can imagine, and I can imagine quite a lot. The benefit for human kind may well be immeasurable.
Saturday, January 6th, 2007
10:49 am
Since my house burned down, I am afraid I have lost a great deal of important research. Sadly, I had only recently amalgated all of my work to my home, which I felt was most secure - this means I lost years of data and information. Some of the most sensitive material I memorized, but still . . . This loss will set me back by at least two years in all endeavors, I am loathe to say.

I had several hopes for recovering some of my work, but I am afraid they came to nothing. My apologies, Lenore.

That is all.
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
12:08 pm
I have been rather introspective lately. This is odd for me, as I am normally concerned primarily with things outside of myself - my work, my papers, my company.

Perhaps it is time I take time for myself . . . ? I find that I do not even know what I would do with 'free time', other than read work-related books or journals. Well, I admit there are a *few* other pursuits I occasionally delve in, but they are not something I can do at any time.

Perhaps someone else can tell how they . . . relax?
Monday, July 24th, 2006
10:09 pm
Mm, well quite a few events have transpired with me in recent times.

As most of you know, my lab was broken into, and the data I had gathered for the creation of a new artificial pokemon species was stolen. Sadly, that was the death-knell of the project.

In other news, my company has the idea of creating a center to help exploited and abused pokemon. It would be built in Hoenn (a region we are increasing our focus in). I would likely be the head of this center, to my great pleasure. Please, everyone, tell me your opinion on this.

In a more personal note, I have been rather forgetful lately. Quite odd.
Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
12:24 pm
I am pleased to announce my company's newest medication - Nanocil. Nanocil is a generic form of nano-machines I have made that can fight multiple illnesses, internal parasites, as well as prevent unwanted pregnancy (only for use shortly after impregnation occurs).

Despite various moralities, I feel this is quite a step forward; while it is hardly a wonder drug, we may soon approach that. I envision that one day we will take one pill that can cure all maladies.

Nanocil will be going on the market next week, at a price of $100 per pill. In my tests, it has proven to be extremely effective and have virtually no side-effects.

I believe Devon Corporation will be the local distributor of this drug in Hoenn, while Silph Company will handle it in Kanto and Johto.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. I am afraid I am out of samples, but I may be able to provide a small discount towards close associates. This will put us at a loss, as the price of each pill does reflect its cost.
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
9:47 am
I am currently on TCG Island, at the residence of Murray and Irene. This place is rather unusual to me, but is quite pleasant.

I am able to say, with pleasure, that I was able to cure Irene and restore her mental powers. She was fortunate that her problem proved to be correctable; I feared brain cancer.

As it turns out, her problem was none other than her vengeful Hypno. I am sorry to say that it turned on her and was slowly attacking her mind with its powers. It would not let me near it - in fact it tried to attack me when I attempted to touch it - and lacking any other equipment, I was forced to battle it.

I was able to defeat it rather easily, and sedated the poor beast. I have yet to determine why it was so angry at Irene.

Well, at Murray's invitation, I shall be staying a few more days to enjoy TCG Island's hospitality.
Thursday, April 20th, 2006
7:12 pm
(OOC: This is a private entry.)

Mm, this has been a most busy few days. I am pleased, overall, with how things have gone.

Eliminating Kazuhiko is proving to be immensely dangerous and at the same time amusing project. No one leaves Team Rocket alive, of course. Arresting Lenore was just an excellent bait for the trap. Using the cloning project as an excuse is an even more amusing irony.

I have no doubt this lure will attract other prey to our web. Wes will take the bait, as will Steven. Perhaps even Wallace? Their eliminations will help our plans immensely.

I hope that madman Yoruno is able to take Wes alive . . . I do not relish torture, but for him I'd make an exception. He's humiliated me too many times for me to do less.

Hmmm . . . I do find myself somewhat concerned about Lenore. Her mind is very valuable, and I do have a fondness for her. And Yoruno had to go and shoot her while she was trying to escape. At least it was only a minor wound, and it took very little effort on my part to care for.

I believe, despite it all, I will be able to keep the trust of all involved. Well, except for the dead, of course.

Well, I must prepare for the final victory.
2:43 pm
Yesterday was a nightmare.

I cannot properly describe the scene that took place when Yoruno came to arrest Lenore . . . I tried to help her in the only way I could - I was terrified Yoruno would shoot her if she resisted, so I tried to keep her from escaping.

My efforts failed . . . and Yoruno did shoot her. She is alive and in good health - the bullet merely passed through her leg without any serious injury.

I have no idea why she was arrested and I am free. If there was anything I could do, I would do it in an instant, but I am lost. They will not let me speak of much.

I must go.
Saturday, March 25th, 2006
4:25 pm
Mm, forgive my lack of updates. I'm afraid I can't exactly blame it on my work - I've gone and broken my leg through my own incompetence. I was inspecting the scales on the belly of my Gyarados, and I unfortunately rubbed him the wrong way. Surprised, he . . . rather smashed my leg.

I am lucky it was not worse, really, but it is bad enough. It is in a cast now, and I can walk with a crutch. Hopefully I can be up and around soon.
Saturday, February 18th, 2006
10:35 pm
I have gone, temporarily, to Hoenn to asisst in the care of those afflicted with so-called "fossil-flu". I do not wish to cause a panic, but I think people should know what to expect.

It will spread. I am very concerned.
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
7:09 pm
I want everyone to know - in case anyone does not yet know - that Lenore Stone and Ariel Troubador are safe. They are under my care at the Indigo Plateau Medical Center.

I am sorry that I have not posted before this to assuage your concerns over their apparent deaths. I have been understandably busy with their treatments.

I have a new patient now - Roxy Parkington was brought in only a short time ago with multiple lacerations on her arms and body. Fortunately they are not deep and I believe will heal with very little scarring.
Friday, December 16th, 2005
11:01 am
Forgive my quiet journal since my joining. My work takes much of my time, and often leaves me too tired to do more than chat for short periods with those of you who are online.

For those who don't know, I specialize in nano-machines for curing disease. They are basically protein bodies that behave as programmed to attack foreign bodies. This is very advanced and very, very tricky. If not made correctly, they may attack the host, which is a slow and painful way to die. They can suppress portions of the brain, as well, which means they would be the perfect cure for many ailments that start from the brain.

My last week has been trying, to say the least. I made a remarkable discovery . . . only to have it slip through my fingers. Through a stroke of pure luck, I created a batch of nano-machines that were utterly perfect. Unforunately, it was due to an accident that they came about like that. I immediately began studying them. Three days in, though, one of my assistants spilled a mug of coffee into the vat, a taint which utterly ruined the entire batch.

So, the last week of my life came to nothing. I am no closer to the perfect machines than before.

I noticed that I grew older last week, but apparently this happened to many people. As I was so busy, I did not stop to figure out why at the time.
Friday, November 18th, 2005
7:34 pm
Hello! This is my first sort of online journal entry. It is an interesting experience, I must say. It is a pleasure to meet you all. You have no idea how excited I was to learn of some of the famous names on here. As for the rest of you, I hope to get to know you all as well.

I shall, from time to time, tell of updates in my battle against diseases or maybe personal anecdotes if I have any that seem sufficiently interesting.
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